Jack's story

Jack, a 23 year old man called into Reconnect looking for help and advice due to a crisis in his life.

Jack had spent the previous two nights sofa surfing.  His parents had asked him to leave due to his use of legal highs*.  Jack spent time talking to Sue Torr (Support Worker) Peter O’Reilly (Mediation Officer) about his relationship with his Mum and Dad and they discussed the possibility of mediation.

Jack did not minimise the impact his behaviour has had on family relationships and being asked to leave home came as a big wake up call to him.  He had no idea where he was sleeping that night.  Peter talked about how difficult it can be for a parent to make such a decision.

Jack had made contact with One Recovery and whilst he was with Sue, they chased up and booked an appointment.  Peter also offered him the support of our Counselling Service, which Jack accepted.

Jack wanted to let his Mum know that he was trying to put things right so asked that Sue could speak to her, which she did.  She told Mum what Jack had told us and she said she was pleased to hear that he was acknowledging how his behaviour was impacting on the family.  Sue spoke to Mum about the Mediation Service, which she was open to considering, although not immediately.  Mum wanted things to calm down first.  Sue told mum that she was helping Jack look on-line at rooms to rent in a shared house, although nothing would happen immediately as he did not have wages slips, contract of employment etc.to hand.  These items were still at the family home.  Mum agreed that Jack could spend one more night at home, so that he could get what he needed and not potentially sleep on the streets that night.

Peter made an appointment to see Jack the next day, an appointment which he kept.

A few days later Jack had been scheduled to see Sue & Peter again whilst also having a counselling session with one of the Counsellors, they will continue to support him until he is settled into his own accommodation.

*The government has since introduced a ban on the sale of legal highs in May 2016

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