YMCA Burton’s new Youth Ambassador


YMCA Burton are so pleased to announce we have a new Youth Ambassador called Craig.

For those of you who don’t know, YMCA’s across the country look for inspiring young people who are aged 18 to 30 to join the YMCA Youth Ambassador programme.

These might be residents, volunteers or staff and during this wonderful programme, the ambassadors have the opportunity to attend a number of events, such as YMCA World Council and National Conferences. They are given the chance to play a significant part in YMCA’s national campaigns and given training sessions to support their development and confidence, such as public speaking.

Youth Ambassadors are given the chance to advocate for young people and speak out about the challenges that affect them today; such as lack of affordable housing, decreased employment opportunities and healthcare. YMCA Burton resident, Craig, has been with YMCA Burton since August 2021 and jumped at the chance to be able to help fellow young people and make a positive difference.

Craig said; “Young People face all sorts of challenges. The main one, in my opinion, being money, both making and saving it, as well as getting a job. It is really difficult to get a job in an area you want which puts a lot of Young People down and can affect their Mental state. I’m looking forward to completing the three training courses that are offered to me and use that knowledge to further help those in need, fundraise and complete more campaigns for YMCA”

Craig has already been to London a few times to meet other YMCA Youth Ambassadors and recently attended a training course on debating methods. He recently organised a Walk and Lunch meet up to highlight Mental Health Awareness Week and plans to do more activities which will involve residents on a regular basis.

Participation officer Stacey said; “Craig is perfect for this role, he is passionate about helping people in society and has so much motivation for this. We can’t wait to see where it takes him.”




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