We believe everyone deserves access to food regardless of circumstances. Our foodbank is open to everyone and you can self refer.

If you need an emergency food parcel or more information, please call Reconnect on 01283 547211.

Our foodbank is operated by a part time coordinator and lovely volunteers. During 2022 we were able to provide enough food for 44,325 meals. This was only made possible by the support of our community who donated money or foodbank items to support the service.

emergency parcels

given out since the
start of the year

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the food parcel last?

Each parcel contains enough food for at least 3 days.

How often am I allowed to go?

You can visit our foodbank a maximum of 6 times during a 6 month period.

Do I need to prove I don’t have any food?

No, however we do ask some basic questions when you collect your parcel, such as name, address and reason for needing the food.

This is so we can collate the data to present to relevant organisations and to keep track of how many food parcels we distribute.

All data is kept anonymous.

Do I need to bring I.D?

Yes, we will need to see a form of identification. This can be a utility bill, driving license, passport or birth certificate.

Do I need to be referred?


When are you open?

You can collect your foodbank parcel from Reconnect (opposite Asda roundabout) in Burton on Trent, between the hours of 9am – 7pm

Make a donation

Give a gift that could change the life of another. We support thousands of people in crisis every year providing a safety net of support services.