YMCA Burton issues record number of foodbank parcels


YMCA Burton has issued a record number of foodbank parcels this January. 344 parcels where given out which equates to around 4,700 meals.

Each foodbank parcel contains enough food to feed someone three meals a day for three days.

The parcel contains items such as soups, noodles, pasta, pies and tinned vegetables, as well as tea and coffee.

The cost of living getting higher was the reason why many of recipients had come for a parcel, which is set to get higher as National Insurance is increased in April.

Paul Laffey, Chief Executive said: “Our Foodbank will be 22 years old this year and each year we see an increase in its usage. The cost of living has sky-rocketed and people are still feeling the after effects that Covid has had on people’s lives and jobs. We wish we didn’t live in a world where foodbanks were a necessity but whilst we do, we are here to support those in the local community.”

Julia, Foodbank Coordinator said: “‘I am very grateful to the local community for continuing to support our foodbank – without their donations we would not be able to help people in need.”

If you would like to donate to the YMCA Burton Foodbank, please note, they need the following items; long-life milk, sugar, rice, tinned potatoes and pasta sauce

The foodbank also issues toiletries, and they are currently running low on Shower gel, deodorant, sanitary towels and toothpaste.

All donations can be made to their Reconnect centre which is opposite Asda in the town centre.

If you need help from their foodbank, it is open seven days a week from 9am to 7pm.


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